Rules & Regulations For Lots and Lot Owners

1- Individual burial lots or plots of five (5) burial lots are available for purchase in the Little Beaver Cemetery. The Association Secretary will accept applications for available lots within the grounds.

You purchase the lot space and perpetual care thereof from The Little Beaver Cemetery Association.  All other fees associated with the funeral, burial, memorial, etc., including but not limited to the interment, are the responsibility of the lot proprietor.

2-The Little Beaver Cemetery Association Directors shall convey burial lots to purchasers by deed, signed by the President and Secretary under the seal of the Association, and subject to all the restrictions contained in its' Charter, By-Laws and Rules and Regulations.  Sales are made by cash only and no deed shall be given, or entry made upon the books of the Association, until the purchase is paid in full.

3- No lot shall be used for any other purpose than as a place of human sepulture. All lots are intended for in ground burials, no Mausoleum or above ground Cremain lots are allowed. Individual lots may only contain:

  • One large casket
  • One large casket with an infant casket
  • One large casket and one Cremains
  • Two Cremains

4- Lot proprietors shall present the Association Secretary with all internment permits and provide notification of the name of the deceased, date of death, name of the undertaker, number of the lot to be opened and the time of burial services.

5- Lot proprietors, after receiving their deed, shall have the right, under the direction of the Cemetery Superintendent or Directors, to erect proper head or foot stones, monuments or sepulture structures upon approved foundations built by O. T. Beight and Sons. The Association Secretary must be contacted for proper location instructions prior to initiating any monument work performed on the Cemetery grounds.

If any monument, effigy, or any structure whatsoever, or any inscription in or upon said lot shall be determined by the Directors to be offensive or improper, the said Directors shall have the right to enter upon said lot and remove the said offensive or improper object(s).

6- Lot proprietors shall not be allowed to resell their lots or transfer or assign any lot, or any interest therein to any third party, except transfers to the Association in the form of a deed of trust or reconveyance. The reconveyed purchase price shall not be greater than the original purchase price from the Association.

7- Little Beaver Cemetery shall have the right to enter upon or use any adjoining lot or lots to carry out its duties as to interments, erection of monuments or markers, etc., without prior notice to the lot owner.

8-  Little Beaver Cemetery will take all reasonable precautions to protect lot owners and their property within the cemetery from loss, damage or injury but it shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury.

9- The Little Beaver Cemetery Association desires to keep all lots and the cemetery grounds in a uniform appearance and is responsible for planting, seeding, sodding, surveying and other general improvements on the grounds. This also includes, but is not limited to grave leveling, lot grading, keeping monuments erect, mowing, weeding, or trimming of existing trees and shrubs, etc. All landscape maintenance will be done entirely and only by the Cemetery and individual lot or grave owners are expressly prohibited from performing any such activities or retaining landscape contractors or other parties to perform such activities on their behalf.

Additional rules for lot decoration are listed below, in the General Rules item 7.

10- The Little Beaver Cemetery Association retains to itself, for the benefit of all interment right owners, full and complete supervision, control and management of the land, buildings, improvements, roads, walks, utilities, development, books and records, and the full and complete authority, rights and privileges to make, change administer and enforce all rules and regulations and restrictions not inconsistent with the laws of the State Of Pennsylvania.

General Rules and Regulations

1. All lot owners are required to notify the Association Secretary of any change of address. All notices required to be sent shall be sent to the last recorded address and such notices shall be deemed adequate.

2. Visitors shall be admitted to the grounds daily and are expected to respect the solemnity of the grounds. Everyone is required to enter and exit through the gates. Visitors are prohibited from disturbing plant life or damaging any monument or structure in the Cemetery. (Stone rubbings and the climbing upon monuments or trees are prohibited). No one will be permitted to use boisterous, profane or obscene language, indulge in any disorderly conduct whatsoever, or in any way disturb the peace and good order of the Cemetery. These grounds are sacredly devoted to the burial of the dead and all provisions, penalties and statutes of the State Of Pennsylvania will be strictly enforced in all cases of wanton injury, disturbances or any disregard of the Cemetery Rules.

3. Children under the age of twelve (12) years are not permitted on the grounds unless accompanied by a responsible adult.  Pets or any domestic animals are prohibited on the grounds, except certified assistance dogs.

5. The right to use automobiles or other vehicles in the cemetery is authorized solely and exclusively for the purpose of transporting persons to visit burial plots. The speed limit within the cemetery is fifteen (15) miles per hour. Parking and/or driving on grassy areas are prohibited for purposes other than those obtained from the Cemetery.

6. Alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are strictly prohibited.

7. Lot decoration policy:

  • Visitors and lot owners are prohibited from planting trees and shrubs on the grounds.
  • Glass jars, tin cans, wire balloons, ornament type decorations, stone or slag is strictly prohibited around monuments.
  • All flowers planted in the spring and all artificial flowers must be removed by September 1.
  • Flowers left unattended and flowers with weeds growing among them, may be cut down by grounds maintenence personnel.
  • Christmas decorations must be removed by April 1.

8. No signs, notices or advertisements of any kind shall be allowed in the Cemetery grounds unless placed by the Little Beaver Cemetery Associaton.

9. Soliciting the sale of item, other than by the Cemetery, is prohibited within the confines of the grounds.

10. The feeding of wildlife is strictly prohibited.