Little Beaver Cemetery History


Little Beaver Cemetery was established when John Beer gifted one acre for a burial place for his wife Jean, who died on November 29, 1797. The grounds are located in Little Beaver Township,Northwest of Enon Valley, in the rolling hills of Lawrence County in western Pennsylvania. Additional property has been purchased over the years to expand the Cemetery to it's present size.




Little Beaver Cemetery contains the rich history of generations of hard working families and War Veterans who lived in Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio. Men, women and children from all walks of life now rest here. Veterans are remembered for their sacrifice in the Revolutionary War, War Of 1812, Mexican War, Indian War, Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, as well as the Gulf Wars and Afghanistan.





Our Cemetery records date back to 1877, when the Association Incorporated with 59 original stockholders, and include Statements Of Purchase Of The Official Seal, the Interment Record Book and the Original Deed Book.  Little Beaver Cemetery Association re-organized in 1931 for the primary purpose of creating an endowment fund for Perpetual Care of Little Beaver Cemetery and has since been operated by our Board Of Directors.



We rely on the income from our endowment fund, sale of lots, gifts and bequests for the ongoing care and maintenance of the Cemetery. In fact, many of the notable features on the grounds have been gifted including the entrance arch by Mr. U.H. Simpson as a memorial to his wife which was built by Charles H. Albright, a row of Corillian Cherry Trees gifted by Mr. & Mrs. Fred Stark and our water well which was installed with donations from lot owners and friends who visit and decorate the grave sites of those they love.

Our Endowment Fund is ongoing and any new or additional endowments will be very much appreciated!